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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

Herd Dispersal in VA- Very Time Sensitive

We are seeking the assistance of good rescues and qualified homes to provide immediate assistance in the rehoming of a large group of needy horses. This herd consists of approximately 40 horses of varying age, most between 2 and 10 years old, containing stallions, mares (many in foal), geldings and colts. They are primarily Appaloosas and we have been asked to provide assistance in rehoming them. They are a semi-feral herd who have been around people but are timid and have not been taught to halter, lead, or pick up feet. Some are in need of immediate veterinary care. Many are beautiful animals that will make wonderful companions with just a little TLC. The horses in the picture are not a part of this herd, but they will look just like this with a little care.

The condition of some of these horses is extremely fragile. This is especially true of some of the mares in foal, and we are seeking immediate assistance from experienced rehabilitators, both as fosters and adopters. We also look forward to hearing from individuals with training backgrounds who can assist these horses in their journey to becoming good equine citizens.

Potential homes should be aware of the time and space requirements needed to work with these horses. You will need a small paddock to work in until you are able to comfortably catch them, and we recommend daily interaction until they are well-socialized. We will be looking for homes that meet our normal standards for adopters and this will include a good veterinary reference, safe shelter and fencing and a source of clean, fresh water. Given the uniqueness of this situation, we are willing to be flexible in some instances.

If you have space in your rescue, farm or heart, please fill out the adoption questionnaire at: and tell us about yourself and the kind of family your new friend or friends will have.


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