Horses Available for Adoption

This is a partial listing of our available horses.

We are working on bringing you the complete list very soon.

In the meantime, please contact us for more information about the horses.

Last Updated: 10/12/20

Work in Progress...
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Foaled: 2001


Height: 15.3 hh


Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse Gelding


Suitable For: Walk/trot/canter for advanced beginner rider.


Limitations/Maintenance: None.


Adoption Fee: $600 


Personality: Chance is a blue-eyed Cremello with a lot of experience under his belt. He has a show record in Jr. Hunter, but soured in this environment and really just wants to trail. He is best with a confident rider in whom he can have confidence. He doesn't spook, but he needs to trust his rider to in order to relax with your decision-making!


Chip & Jake

Foaled: 1996 (Chip), 2010 (Jake)


Height: 15.3 hh (Chip), 16 hh (Jake) 


Breed/Sex: Appaloosa Geldings


Suitable For: Pets


Limitations/Maintenance: Both horses are blind.


Adoption Fee: Negotiable the the right home.


Personality: These nice boys are a bonded pair. They were both blinded by uveitis. They do just fine and both have been ridden, even as low-vision horses. They are lively and outgoing.

Sponsor Us! Blind horses are very difficult to rehome, and many spend the rest of their lives with us. Please contact us about being their special person.

Thank you Chuck and Paula!

Seamus & Piper

Foaled: 1989 (Seamus), 2010 (Piper)


Height: both 14.2 hh


Breed/Sex: Appaloosa Gelding (Seamus),

Arabian-Cross Mare (Piper)


Suitable For: Companion Only.


Limitations/Maintenance: Both are blind. Seamus has stringhalt and a parrot mouth that has largely been corrected.


Adoption Fee: Negotiable to the right home. 


Personality: This bonded pair is blind. Originally from a semi-feral herd, they are pretty social, they just need more handling.

Sponsor Us! Blind horses rarely find adoptive homes, and they often remain with us for life. Will you be their hero?


Billie Jo

Foaled: 1993


Height: 15 hh


Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse Mare


Suitable For: Companion only.


Limitations/Maintenance: None.


Adoption Fee: $300 


Personality: Billie Jo is super smart. So smart, in fact, that she thinks she knows better than you do about pretty much everything. Billie has a good core, but she is not for a novice handler. She needs an experienced trainer to restart her along the road to good equine citizenship. But we know she will bond to the right person.

Sponsor Me! Horses this age have few takers and many spend the rest of their lives at the Rescue. Please consider being Billie's Angel.

20200501_162333 (1).jpg


Foaled: 2009


Height: 15 hh


Breed/Sex: Appaloosa Gelding


Suitable For: Currently companion, but is sound and could go any direction with more training.


Limitations/Maintenance: None.


Adoption Fee: $400 


Personality: This good-looking guy came from a semi-feral herd, but he has come a long way. He genuinely likes people, but like most semi-ferals, he will require a longer program than more socialized horses to make him reliable under saddle.


Earl Grey

Foaled: 1995


Height: 15.2 hh


Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse Gelding


Suitable For: Companion Only.


Limitations/Maintenance: None.


Adoption Fee: $400 


Personality: Earl Grey is just special. He has had extensive training in the past, and we know he has been ridden. But he has definite baggage that has resulted in confidence issues and wariness with people. He is a gentle, sweet guy who knows a lot and would be a perfect companion for another horse.



Foaled: June 1990


Height: 15 hh


Breed/Sex: Tennessee WH Mare


Suitable For: Companion only.


Limitations/Maintenance: Insulin resistant and needs dietary management.


Adoption Fee: $300 


Personality: This quiet mare may come across as aloof, but underneath, she is a sweet girl. She has very nice ground manners and would make someone  a great companion mare.

Thank you Alison and Tom!


Foaled: 2014


Height: 13.3 hh


Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse Mare


Suitable For: Anything! Just needs training. Because she is uneducated, she needs an experienced trainer.


Limitations/Maintenance: None.


Adoption Fee: $450 


Personality: This mare is really cute, and could take on any career you choose! She is bold and sturdy and desperately wants a person to call her own. She learns quickly and would be ideal for an adult rider who prefers a horse lower to the ground.

In Training