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Big Belle

Paperback $10.50

Belle is a small pony who hates being short. She is mean to everyone around her and she has no friends. One day, she meets a blind horse named Pebbles. Pebbles is a big girl, but she is sad and afraid. Belle decides to help her. Little does Belle know what will happen when she does! Big Belle is about the importance of being kind, and how we can grow by helping others. The Activities Section includes discussion questions, games for children and fun facts about horses and ponies. Belle and Pebbles were real horses. All net proceeds from this book will be donated to feed and care for the horses at the White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue.


I AM Mr. Bowersox

Paperback $19.50

I am good, clever and brave." The famous Mr. B. in his own words. For legions of volunteers, this gentle and ancient pony was Equine 101, teaching old and young, whether fearful or bold, the rudiments of interacting with horses. His life was an amazing journey and now you can read all about it in I AM Mr. Bowersox. You will laugh and cry as he takes a blind pony's journey through a life intertwined with his human owners, experiencing devastating cruelty and astounding kindness. The story is suitable for younger readers (parental guidance always suggested) and teaches important lessons about responsibility and compassion. 100% of net proceeds will go towards the care of horses and ponies just like Mr. Bowersox at the White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue.

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