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Pebbles: Our Celebrated Blind Girl

A constant feature of the rescue since we came to Southside, Virginia has been our blind mare Pebbles. A great favorite with volunteers and visitors alike, she, and her companion Belle, have helped to educate people about blind horses.

Pebbles’ story was one of the saddest we had ever heard. Her owner was in the hospital, and the owner’s mother was trying to care for Pebbles, just having had heart surgery herself. On top of that, she lacked the resources to care for her and was going without herself in order to provide feed for the mare. By the time she called us, she was desperate for help. Pebbles was profoundly blind, suffering from both uveitis and glaucoma. She was anxious and fearful and we were concerned about her quality of life. But when she me Belle, everything changed and a kind and sensitive mare emerged. – even though that love was not always reciprocated at feeding time!

Pebbles was once the apple of someone’s eye. She was elegant and graceful and we are certain she had been trained and ridden. A gentle soul Pebbles could be handled by even small children. She taught many people that blind horses can enjoy a high quality of life, while contributing to the community around them. A White Bird, she simply enjoyed her retirement with her cranky friend, Belle. This past few days, her appetite had not been good, though a veterinary exam did not spot anything obvious. Yesterday, she collapsed without warning and was gone before we knew it. She will be missed by her many friends at the rescues. She was 32.


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