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I’m sure it seems that today, everyone is asking you for donations. In the present economic climate, just about everyone needs help. Here at White Bird, the situation is much the same as it is with all non-profits. But as people have lost their homes and jobs, the number of horses needing help has never been greater. And horses have a special problem in that there are fewer places for them to go.

I don’t think we have ever devoted a post to a direct plea to readers for donations, and we wouldn’t want to do this more than once a year. But this year is going to be a difficult one. While it would be nice to have on or two large corporate donors show up and whisk our financial worries away, we know that, really, it is the $10 and $20 individual donations that keep us afloat. And for those supporters who never fail to make regular monthly or yearly contributions, there is a special place for you in Heaven and in the hearts of our horses. To everyone who has contributed over the past year – a big thank you.

How have those donations been used? Well, if we look at some of the typical costs associated with the Rescue, it is obvious that small amounts add up in big ways:

  • A bag of feed – $15 feeds a healthy horse for up to a month

  • A bale of Hay – $3.50 one horse for two days in the winter. We cut our own hay, but we still have to pay the farmer to bale it.

  • Medicine – $.50/day for pergolide for each of our Cushings horses

  • Aspirin – $5/month/horse, used as an anti-inflammatory for uveitus sufferers

  • Sawdust – $10/month/horse

  • Tack – fly masks $15, muzzles $30

  • Farrier – $25/horse/6 weeks

  • Wormer – $10/horse/6weeks

  • Fencing – $6/board, 3 to a section; $15/post

As you can see, even small donations make a big difference in the care of horses.

You can donate via the PayPal button on the site, or by check direct to the Rescue address. These donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In addition, you can support us through the purchase of our stylish White Bird products available at Cafe Press. We update these products from time to time, and if you see something you’d just love to have with a White Bird logo on it, just let us know and we will add it to the catalog.

The Rescue promises each horse we take in a home for life, either through an adoptive family, a foster home, or as a sanctuary horse. Your donations make that promise possible, and they allow the White Bird rescued horses to live out their lives in safety and dignity. We could not do this without your help. Please help us continue to care for these beautiful, deserving animals.

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