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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue


Like most rescues we have a full house, and turning away legitimate requests to take horses is one of our most painful duties. But without setting a limit we do our current residents, and adopted horses that might come back, no favors in this economic climate. We have seen too many rescues, with the best intentions the world, fold up due to over-extending themselves both physically and financially.

Consequently, when we get an inquiry we try to work with the owner, or interested party, to suggest options they might have depending on the circumstances, and also spread the word. To that end we have set up on the web site a Clearinghouse for horses, meeting the rescue criteria, in need of homes. It is not intended as a purely sales feature and we will moderate accordingly. The details of horses in need can be entered on the Clearinghouse page and we will post up those details, as with Jeb below. Anyone interested in the horse can go to the contact directly.

Horses in the Clearinghouse remain at their current location, and are not taken in by the Rescue. Any agreements are purely between the outside parties, and White Bird is not responsible for the validity of the descriptions nor the agreements entered into.

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