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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

Blind Faith

Allison on left. Mr. Bowersox on right.

Earlier this year, an ancient Appaloosa pony found himself, along with many other unfortunate horses, in a auction house in Montana. Blind and starved, he had no idea where he was, or what was happening when the auctioneer started his bid at $5.00. When no one offered even that, his owner just abandoned him at the auction, with no food, water or arrangements for his safe keeping.

But oddly enough, this was his lucky day. Because that was the day that Jeff H. spotted him and realized his situation. Jeff took him home, even knowing that he could not keep him, and gave him his first good meal in a long time. From that point on, Jeff worked tirelessly, not only to bring him back to good health, but also to find a home where he would be safe for the remainder of his days. Jeff named him Mr. Bowersox.

Finding a safe haven for rescued horses is more difficult than it has ever been. Rescues all over the country are working at capacity and those who can accept blind horses are limited- and most can only take them in limited numbers. When we first heard from Jeff, we had no room for Mr. Bowersox, as we have been trying to deal with the overload of horses needing homes that have been created by the current economic climate But we put him on our waiting list, and finally this past week, Mr. Bowersox arrived at White Bird. Jeff H., M B’s guardian angel, arranged to have him sent here all the way from Montana.

Best Friends Forever

Mr. Bowersox is a happy little pony who apparently has never met a stranger. Despite his hard life, he has never lost his faith in people to do the right thing. The only thing really missing from his life was a best friend. This is especially important to blind horses who take comfort in their buddies and often bond very strongly to them. Then, Mr. Bowersox met Allison. Allison, another blind, formerly abandoned pony, took to him immediately. And with a little help from their friends, these two should now live happily ever after. We wish to thank Jeff for his amazing compassion for Mr. Bowersox and his willingness to step forward when no one else would. We also wish to thank Meredith and Tracy (again) for the rescue of Allison and for providing Mr. Bowersox with such a good friend. Last, we wish to thank our many supporters for helping us to give these horses a loving and dignified haven in the final years of their lives.

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