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Bear: ca 1969 – May 2nd 2014

It is with the greatest of sadness that we had to help Bear across the rainbow bridge this afternoon. This indefatigable little Appaloosa with the huge heart has made so many friends since he came to us in 1997. At that time, his estimated age was 27.

Grandchildren have ridden him in from the paddock bareback, and if he had a soft spot for little girls and mares, he had no love of other geldings. Bear never knew he was a pony, and no male competitor was too big to take on. His early adulthood as a stallion gave him ownership views on any mares in his paddock. In a mixed herd, Bear just made everyone uncomfortable. He’d pick on the geldings and round up the mares, guarding them in a tight group. For that reason and his failing eyesight, he spent his later years happily with one companion mare.

Bear came to us because a divorce situation resulted in him living in a mud lot with nothing to eat. Emaciated and ill, he took some time to turn round. But recover he did – and with a vengeance. He and hi new “roommate” Sunny (a gelding) were never good companions. As soon as he recovered, Bear began to needle Sunny mercilessly until the latter finally called a stop to it, and from then on they had to live in separate paddocks. Sunny passed away late last year, at the age of 30.

Always a favorite of visitors and volunteers, Bear leaves a huge hole in our lives and in the White Bird community. We have no doubt that he and Sunny are reunited and perhaps age will have mellowed Bear little, so they can enjoy the green grass of the Elysian Fields together. More likely, he is figuring out how to bite Sunny in the butt. See picture below.

Bear Chasing Sunny


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