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Winter and White Bird Horses

While we try and keep up with posts, especially for those of you who regularly look in on us to see what is going on, this winter has kept us off the computer and busy just carrying out the mundane tasks of cleaning feeding and watering. Jobs all seem to take twice as long in the snow, and although we didn’t lose power the “frozen bucket” routine also kept us occupied. We are more than thankful for our two regular volunteers this past year, Julia and Becky. Their ability to turn up throughout the worst of the weather was a great morale booster and very welcome.

Fortunately the weather has started to improve, and although we are sure it has at least one more kick in the teeth left, the temperature is rising, the days are getting longer, and the maple buds are showing.

We are pleased, once again, to be the recipient of donated vaccines from the Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign and Intervet/Schering-Plough. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Randy Scarrow, for doing the farm inspection to help us qualify.

It has been some time since we ran pictures and stories of the White Bird horses, generally we do it when they arrive. So we thought we would introduce our current residents over the next month or so.


At 40+, Oreo is one of our senior citizens. A Welsh Pony, he was rescued from a situation of neglect and we understand that he was once a carnival pony. He has Cushings Disease and is on Pergolide daily, as well as a strict diet, which also must accommodate his “dentally impaired” status. As with a lot of Cushing’s horses he is often reluctant to shed his winter coat and usually requires a summer clipping. Apart from a slight “geezerish” attitude, Oreo is a friendly pony, and has as his pasture buddies our two mini horses, Belle and Wendy.

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