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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

Welcome to our Valentine’s Day Edition of “Horses Seeking Relationships!”

Do you find yourself sighing over YouTube videos of people with their loving, equine BFF’s? Or, wistfully gazing at your back paddock (with adequate shelter and safe fencing) and thinking that it looks sort of empty? Yearning for a Valentine’s Day Sweetheart that just happens to have a mane and four hooves? Well, do we have a solution for you!

White Bird has some wonderful, special horses who are seeking their own wonderful, special people. We’ve conducted a rigorous scientific analysis of each horse personality and performed an extensive personal (okay, equine) interview with each of the horses below, in order to help them find that perfect match. Today we are showcasing the following horses:

Dandelion (Dandi):

DOB c.1989. Dandi is a 14.2hh chestnut blanket Appaloosa mare, and a former school horse who tired of her job educating students. To avoid an auction fate, she was sent to White Bird, where she was given ample time to de-stress. She can be ridden by an advanced, sensitive rider. Dandi is management material and a good herd boss. Like many Appaloosas, she has occasional bouts of uveitis that must be managed and she has suffered mild vision loss on one side. She gains weight easily and her diet should be controlled to prevent excessive weight gain. Dandi serves on the local school board, is the President of the Neighborhood Watch and enjoys writing letters to her local elected officials. Her double fudge brownies won a blue ribbon at the county fair.


DOB ca.1986. Whiskey is a 14.2hh, bay roan Pony of the Americas (POA) gelding who was originally rescued at an auction. He arrived with EPM, but was treated and shows no remaining symptoms. He is a strong, well-proportioned guy with good vision and no other known health issues. He adores people and attention, though he has a tendency to become herd-bound without regular work. Because of his assertive (though friendly) personality, his new home should be a confident one. Whiskey plays shortstop on the Nottoway baseball team and belongs to the Kiwanis Club. He enjoys micro-brewed beers and loves to be hugged.


DOB ca.1982. Caesar is a 15.2hh, bay Arabian gelding. He was rescued from a semiferal herd when his owner became disabled. Caesar was already 21 years old when he started basic ground training, but he is a very sweet boy and is exceptionally well behaved He is mildly arthritic and can be sensitive about picking up his feet for this reason, but he has no other health issues. Caesar is not trained to ride, but would make an excellent companion horse. He appreciates fine art, especially Plein Air Impressionism. He is also a avid photographer who enjoys wine tasting and intellectual discourse. He has a complete collection of the recordings of Andres Segovia.


DOB ca.1991. Ulysses is a 16.2hh, black blanket Appaloosa gelding and a former school horse. He is athletic and personable, but suffers from an old knee break and is unsound for riding. He has no other know health issues and would make a good pasture companion. His ideal home would be a quiet one, where he would not overtax his arthritic knee. Ulysses likes to read historical non-fiction and is a Ravens and Richmond Spiders fan. He is a little vain about his appearance, but we don’t hold it against him, as he is an unusually handsome guy with a lot of presence.

If you think you are looking at your new beau, please let us know! The best way to do that is to download and complete our Adoption Questionnaire and email your completed application to us at: Once we receive your information, we will review it promptly and contact you to schedule a convenient time for you and your family to meet with your guy or gal(s). We are open by appointment by calling: (434) 767-2839. If we don’t reply immediately, please be patient. Taking care of these horses is our first priority, but we will return your call as soon as possible.

Don’t see anyone here who makes your heart skip a beat? That’s okay because we have many horses and ponies who are also still seeking their matches. Please contact us to tell us what you are looking for in your new BFF.


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