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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

Urgent – Rescuer Needs Help


A dedicated northern Virginia rescuer must close her doors, due to a zoning conflict. This really stinks because we know this rescue well and it has been a top notch refuge for many species, for many years. Homes are needed immediately for her remaining horses. Time is now very short, so if you have any room in your heart and barn, please contact Janet at the email address below.

Casper is a blind Appy gelding, early 20’s. He is friendly and healthy. Companion only of course. He and Noel are very attached, but could be separated.


Noel is a TB mare, early – mid 20’s. She, too, is friendly and could be ridden lightly by an experienced rider. She is nervous initially but the more she is ridden, the more relaxed she gets. She has not been ridden in a few years.

Eddie and Marey

Eddie & Marey the mini’s – late 20’s. Both very sweet, love people. Eddie was a world champion in game and driving!! He has been retired from showing since coming here several years ago. They need to stay together as they have never been apart in over 20 years.

If you are interested in giving these great horses a home, please contact Janet (not White Bird) directly at:


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