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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue


The White Bird Style Salon was open for business yesterday! The Cushing’s Club horses (Oreo, Wonder, Allison, Mr. Bowersox and Star) were bathed, shed, dried, clipped, rubbed down, comforted and generally provided the total spa experience with some help from the Cumberland Cayuse Riders 4H and White Bird volunteers Allie, Katie and Whitney. Big thanks to all of you who helped our geezers to feel so much better in this warmer weather!

Carolynn Demonstrates the "Cushing's Comfort Clip"

Side note: In the fourth photo, all three of these horses are over 40 years old. We constantly battle the perception that old horses typically look thin. These three, and the other seniors at White Bird are living proof that horses of any age can look great with the right care. They are also evidence that blind horses ca live equally good lives, as Allison and Mr. Bowersox are completely blind.

Wonder with WB Volunteers Katie and Whitney

Oreo, Allison and Mr. Bowersox Trade Stories While Drying Off
The Cumberland Cayuse Riders (with Volunteers Allie and Anthony on Left)


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