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Senior Horse Shout Out!

Do you know someone who is absolutely passionate about their work? We all probably know at least one- the sparkly, energetic professional who just loves his or her job. When it comes time to retire, what do they do? They either continue working at their craft for another employer, or they start out in a new direction wit just as much enthusiasm. What they really don’t want to do is hang out around the house watching daytime television. They have energy to burn and they want to do something meaningful with it. They are fun to be around and their energy is contagious.

There are horses like that, too. Unlike people, horses don’t typically grow more frail with age. If they don’t have a specific health condition that slows them down, they can continue to perform their jobs for the rest o their lives, or may perform less strenuous activities, such as switching from jumping to trail riding. While some horses are content to graze the back “40” and doze under shade trees, others miss their interaction with humans and long for the excitement of the chase. These experienced old pros can help teach novice riders, or they can serve as reliable, safe mounts for senior riders who don’t necessarily want a horse that will outlive them by twenty years. And remember that horses live a long time. With today’s better feeds and dental care, healthy horses in their late 30’s and ponies in their 40s are not uncommon!

The horse in the picture above is Dutch. Look at that energy and sparkle! Dutch is an ex-hunter who is waiting for someone to offer him a new job and a new home. In this photo, he is cheerfully riding alone, but hoping he’ll flush out a fox to chase. He wants to go on adventures. Possibly with you? Please contact us if you think you’re his next special partner.

Today, we’d like to do a shout out to all the active, senior working horses out there, who are either looking for new jobs at equine rescues or still happily serving their families. If you’d like to share photos of your active seniors, send them in and we’ll post them. Just put “Senior” in the subject line and you get extra credit if the rider is a senior, too.


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