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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

RIP Star b. 1985 d. 11th December 2015

This morning we lost our shining Star. An Arab, he bore his various ailments with the stoicism of an Appaloosa, and his gentle nature made him a favorite of the many volunteers who worked with him. He came to us in 2008 after his owner became too ill to care for him. He was one of the most severely foundered horses we had ever seen, with laminar separation that caused his feet to look like Elmer Fudd shoes. But consistent, competent trimming, medication and a controlled diet left him with few visible signs of his old laminitis. A Cushing’s horse with arthritic joints, we were sure he wouldn’t make it through another winter three years ago. But thanks to the marvel of Previcox, he lasted several more and enjoyed a high quality of life for the remainder of his days. We will miss his cheery whinny in the mornings when we go down to feed the 10-stall horses, but know that he runs free again with the rest of the White Bird horses over the rainbow bridge.


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