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Not Just Horses

Peanut and Muffin in Their Temporary Digs

This past year, we have noticed a sudden increase in our resident mouse population. We’re not sure why. could be the recent drought, availability of feed in the farm’s chicken coops (though mice don’t always survive this experience- our chickens are fierce), or a host of other things. Regardless of the reason, we decided upon the perfect organic solution: cats.

As we are a rescue organization, it was only natural that we asked ourselves which cats needed homes so badly that a barn would be their perfect solution. The answer, we concluded, would be cats that had nowhere else to go and who possibly preferred each others’ company to humans. In short, feral cats. A trip through the Internet landed us on the Best Friends web site and to their article about feral cats. That’s how we found Courthouse Feral Cats Rescue in Dinwiddie, VA, and their contact Jackie Waymack.

In an imperfect world, our timing, if not perfect, was at least helpful. The Courthouse folks and their foster home were running out of time in which to rescue 9 cats that absolutely, positively must find homes. Peanut, Muffin and Kippers have now found their homes with us. If you are visiting or volunteering, please take a moment to meet these kitties and make them feel welcome.

The experience of adopting these cats has been educational. Jackie brought out her feral cat set up, in order to help acclimate the new guys to their new surroundings- a process that will take about two weeks. During that time, they will be crated and handled in such a way as to minimize the possibility of escapes. They are spayed, neutered and up to date on all their shots. All they need is food, water, cat litter and some patience and TLC. What we have discovered is that, while Peanut and Muffin are still fairly timid, Kippers really just wants to be loved. Many of these cats are not actually feral- some are lost and have never found their way home. And some possibly never will.

That is because the remaining cats are in terrible trouble. A kindhearted caretaker has been feeding and caring for a group that has become the target of cruelty and abuse on the part of apartment dwellers who shoot at them and try to run them over with their bikes and cars. For her kindness, she has been evicted. She must leave by May 1st (though she has requested an extension) and the cats must find homes immediately. The remaining cats are friendly, house trained, accustomed to dogs, vaccinated and neutered The cats needing homes are:

One black/white 8mo old (Mittens-female)

One orange/white 8mo old, (Marmalade-male)

One orange/white 1 yo (Scratch-female)

One male Tabby approx 3 yo(Little One)

One tabby male with white markings (Big Kitty- approx 4 yo)

And one female pale orange/white (Pumpkin, approx 4 yo)

Many of our supporters have barns and outbuildings that might benefit from having some resident rodent control and these little guys and gals are desperate. Times are tough for everyone, and while we have committed ourselves to rescuing equines in urgent need, it isn’t just the horses who need help. If you can extend a lifeline to just one of these urgent need felines, please contact Jackie at:

Courthouse Cats Feral Rescue

P. O. Box 131

Prince George, VA 23875

804-898-2076 (cell)

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