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Mr. Bowersox

Mr. Bowersox had surgery yesterday! We have been increasingly concerned about a fairly large squamous cell tumor in a rather delicate area that was not responding to treatment. Yesterday, Dr. Randy Scarrow, surgically removed the growth. Mr. B was stoic in the extreme, as was I at the other end of the lead rope. Hopefully that will be the end of it, as Dr. Scarrow believes he has gotten all of it. We will be monitoring the situation very carefully over the upcoming months. Jeff and Virginia, the kind people responsible for removing Mr. B from the auction in Montana after his owner abandoned him, will be in VA later this month to attend the International Equine Conference on Equine Welfare and Food Safety. They will be taking this opportunity to come and visit Mr. Bowersox. We are pleased that Mr. B. will be here to greet them minus one tumor!

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