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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

Mona born c. 1980 d. August 25th 2015

Mona crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday evening to be with her White Bird companion Mr. B. She didn’t show it, but she definitely missed him after he passed in June. He had been her permanent safe spot from when she first met him, following him around and rarely far from his back right leg. Never very demonstrative, and not a great people lover, she did enjoy the regular groomings that the volunteers gave her. So it was yesterday evening after a relaxing brushing and combing, and some mouthfuls of grass we said goodbye to this little old lady.

Mona looked like a Mini-Shetland pony cross, and we never knew her actual age. Already rescued once before, she had had a hard life, and came to us thin and weary having been overused as a kids ride at picnics. Blind in one eye and with poor vision in the other, Mona was very wary of people, but was a natural companion for Mr. B after his Allison died. Mona easily settled into the Rescue routine and gave very little concern, apart from the occasional “snotty” nose and an alarming tendency to foam at the mouth, both of which were seasonal and easily treated.

Tuesday morning she refused her feed, highly unusual for her. By the afternoon with her heart rate and respiration high, she was in that awful position that we reach with these old horses of deciding how much more she should go through. Our grateful thanks to Dr. Scarrow for his attendance after a long day and drive. His actions had this been a younger horse may well have had a happier ending.

Mona had a happy time at the Rescue and for that we are satisfied that she got, albeit short, her due retirement. If you ask why we should rescue these old guys when there are so many younger, well-trained horses out there in danger, our response is that they earned it. By doing what their owners asked of them. Mona had a clean, warm place to lie down in, and a good companion to share her time with. She was well-fed and had space to roam. We believe we did right by her in recompense for those that treated her less well.

Goodbye little Mona. Run free with your good companion and the other White Birds out there. We will miss you and we will remember you. Rest in Peace.


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