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Joe’s 10k Run

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Pictured here are Ulysses, and his friend Joe Alcorn who is running in the Richmond, VA, Monument 10k run. Very adoptable if you want a pasture ornament or companion animal. Ulysses that is, not Joe (his wife Tolly might have something to say about that!) He will be running for White Bird (Joe not Ulysses who does, however, canter around the pasture on beautiful days like today – Ulysses not Joe!). OK, I’ve bled that joke dry. Seriously, please support Joe on his first ever 10k run. Joe is one of our stalwart volunteers, turning out come rain, snow or shine, and is now (along with Allison Sowden) one of our new Board Members (more of that in our next post). Your pledges, large and small, will help feed and medicate White Bird’s horses, and will definitely boost Joe’s energy level. You can pledge either directly, through the donate button stating it is for the run, or by informing us on Anyone pledging $50 or more will receive a much coveted White Bird t-shirt. If you are near Richmond and would like to cheer Joe on that would be especially appreciated.

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