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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

…And to All a Great Night!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Christmas Cheer in L-Barn

Last night, the Rescue celebrated our first Silent Night at White Bird. We opened our doors, rolled out the red carpet and invited everyone in for some hot chocolate, cider, cookies and a Christmas party for the Rescue’s residents.

L-Barn Festivites

Ace face-painter Allison turned small children into red-nosed Rudolphs with glittery hair. We sold Betsy’s fabulous home-made horse ornaments, Hanna’s amazing crocheted horses and Kate’s wonderful cookies. The rescue’s horses each had a stocking hung by their doors and these were soon filled with donations in the form of tokens supplied by our generous visiting Santas. We had a a great time!

Nativity Scene in the Blind Pony Paddock

This is the first event of this type that we have held, and naturally, we were worried about how our equine charges would cope with the lights, visitors and squeals of small children. That worry was unnecessary, as our horses absolutely basked in all the attention. Even Pebbles, our normally timid blind mare, held out he nose for every visitor to pet.

Mr. Bowersox was his normal, personable self and he received the most Christmas gifts of all the White Bird horses. Fortunately, he is also generous and willing to share.

We are grateful beyond words for the many volunteers who helped us to put this event together. First and foremost, we thank Betsy Gregory, the mastermind all-things-festive for her leadership, hard work and generosity of spirit (shown above with Mr. Bowersox). We thank the many volunteers who helped make chocolate and cider, sell cookies and ornaments, and otherwise make this event as much fun as we could ever have imagined. You rock!

And huge thanks to Susan and Kate for their diligence in supervising barn activities and making sure that our equine charges were as comfortable as they could be during this event (a gratuitous plug here for Suzie’s Zoo in Farmville, for all your pet needs :)).

There were many, many more individuals than are listed or shown here and we thank every one of you for your support. You are our angels. Last, we’d like to thank our friends and community for taking the time to come out on a cold Friday night to visit us, play Santa and welcome in the holidays with a group of very appreciative rescued horses.


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