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Allison During Rehab

It is never easy to report that one of our residents has been helped over the rainbow bridge, and sometime it is particularly difficult. Allison left this world for an easier one at 4:05 PM on Tuesday 11th June 2013. This tiny POA came to us after an especially harsh period of her life, and thankfully lived out the remainder of her life much loved by all who met her, but most of all by her BFF Mr. Bowersox.

Allison must have been some young girl’s dream come true – her first pony. Surely cosseted, groomed and loved. What happened from that time to ending up blind and left to starve alone in a field over 40 year later, is anyone’s guess. But thanks to Meredith Barlow, our dental technician, who performed rehab wonders, and her compassionate veterinarian, who decided that Allison was far from ready to leave this world, Allison was able to live out the remainder of her life in safety and dignity among friends.

Best Friends Forever

Ancient, and occasionally a little cranky with people, Allison, along with Mr. B, was our Horse 101 Instructor for visiting groups and volunteers. Whether being washed and groomed, or helping to demonstrate how to put a halter on, she would bear it all stoically until a point was reached when she decided that enough was enough and said “please to leave me alone now, thank you”. Allison was never entirely free from the adversity she had experienced, with an ongoing upper respiratory condition that would appear at odd intervals, some neurologic issues, her profound vision loss and Cushing’s Disease. But even considering these many problems, she had a surprisingly good quality of life, partially due to her deep attachment to the gentle Mr. B. In the end, it was her neurological condition and the onset of pain that brought her rapidly to our most difficult decision. We will miss her dreadfully, but most of all we feel for Mr. B who has lost his BFF. Goodbye Allison – run free.

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