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Victory in CT

Today we want to talk about Victory! While we can all agree that victory is great in pretty much any context, today we are talking about Victory the stallion, who really needs a home, due to his owner’s illness. Before you hit that “back” button, please consider a few things. First, Victory is a well-behaved, wtc guy, though he is best considered green. Also, GELDING WILL BE PERFORMED FOR YOU. We are shouting this because we want you to know that his caretaker is a caring and conscientious one who prefers to find Victory a home as a gelding in a loving, permanent home with his own family.

Here are a few particulars: Victory is about 15hh, a few spot Appy and he is registered! Papers will come with him and these can be viewed at: He is only 18yo, with no known health issues and he does not have any signs of uveitis. This guy has the potential to make an easy transition to trail buddy. A good looking one at that- and look at that kind eye!

If you could picture yourself out on a trail with this great BFF, please contact: and tell her about yourself. Victory will be adopted without a fee, but with an adoption agreement. As this is a hardship situation, any offers of assistance to the caretaker (who is doing all this out of the kindness of her heart) for veterinary costs would be very much appreciated. Please remember that Victory is not here at White Bird and all questions should be directed to his caretaker.

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