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Urgent! Calling on Southside Residents!

We need your help. A service dog has gone missing in Meherrin, VA and it is critical that she be found. She is a female German Shepherd who was last seen off of Meherrin Road. She may answer to the name “Tia” The entire story can be found below, but please, please if you see this dog, try to entice her in and let the owner know immediately. She has been missing since December 31 and will likely be cold and hungry, so having some food wouldn’t hurt. We deeply appreciate the assistance of everyone in the area in finding this loved and badly needed girl.

http://www.wtvr. com/news/ wtvr-service- dog-that- helps-with- ptsd-ismissing- 20120104, 0,927836. story?%3F% 3F%3F

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