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Update on Appy Stallion in Caroline County

Okay Everbuddy: Here’s what we know and what we don’t about the horse in Caroline:

1. Someone has offered to pay for his gelding. We do not yet know whether this offer is with the understanding that a 30-year old stallion must be gelded in a clinical setting, if it is even possible to do so. This will not be inexpensive and it will pose some risks for this guy. We also would want to know if any vets in the area are willing and able to do this surgery, and an estimate of the costs. If there are any DVM’s in the area with this ability, please contact us and help us understand the requirements.

2. We have an offer by a kind local person to hang onto him while he “cools off” and who will transport him to a new home and contribute some hay and feed (thank you!)

3. We have a very tenuous, “maybe” offer of a home from someone with extensive stallion experience- and no other horses, who might be a suitable home if it is not possible to safely geld him (bless you!).

4. We do not know how well behaved he is, but we expect to have more information shortly.

5. We understand that the county will hold onto him until the weekend, but do not know their intent as to hi disposition beyond that, or whether they are able to extend this deadline.

What else do we know? Anyone else with any information about this horse, please let us know and we will update this post for everyone’s information. Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed or tried to help this guy, including the other rescues who have tried, and are trying, to offer assistance.

Update 5/17/13: We now understand that this horse has vision in one eye, so he is partially sighted. His behavior is that of a horse that has not been handled very much. Not respectful, but no signs of aggression. They were able to load him without too much difficulty. Caroline County reports that he is not happy in his stall, but to be fair, has probably never been in one before and he is a bit disoriented. His age has been corrected to “35” but it’s hard to determine how accurate this is. Basically, he’s a decent enough guy who just needs a little place to live out the remainder of his life with an understanding person. If you are that person, PLEASE contact Caroline County Animal Control, at the contact number given. They are trying hard to save this horse and just need some help.

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