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  • White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

Upcoming Events

Come meet the White Bird crew at two locations this month!

September 22: Combined Federal Campaign Central Virginia Charity Fair at the Defense Supply Center in Richmond, VA (tentative)

September 30: Commonwealth Virginia Campaign at the Monroe Building in Richmond, VA (confirmed)

Your support is more important than ever. The recession has hit everyone, horse owners and rescues alike. We have been inundated with calls for help and we are doing our best to help. But compassion alone doesn’t feed hungry horses. We need everyone’s help to provide horses with food, medicine and shelter. Even if you can’t come out and meet us in person, please consider helping out through the donation bar on this page. $4 buys a bale of hay, $2.50 a tube of wormer, and $15 will provide medication for a Cushings horse for a month. It adds up fast! We thank you so much for your continued support over the past six years and we hope we can count on your continued support to weather these rough times.

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