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Two Nice Boys in VA

Today’s featured horses at risk are Nigel and Buck, horses who need homes due to their owner’s financial circumstances. Again, we ask that anyone with extra capacity seriously consider taking on a horse in need, whether it is one of these, one of ours, or one of anyone else’s, if they are able to do it. With the drought and heat conditions adding to the economic situation, it will take a village, and a country to help them. Please contact the owner directly for additional information.

“Nigel is an Arabian that is 24yo from the Montpelier area. Buck is a 20yo Quarter Horse that has had a chronic navicular problem. I have been their steward since the 1990’s in one capacity or another and they have been here with me since 1994. Neither are riding horses (although Nigel was ridden regularly for a short time) and they have not been trailered since they came here in 1996. Neither has a current Coggins, but have had their regular shots. If you could please help me with their situation they would be eternally grateful. ” Christopher Lee

White Bird note: These horses appear very well cared for.

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