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The Year of the Horse

Photo of Norman by Mike Kro

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Horse, in the Chinese astrological calendar.

The Chinese regard the spirit of the horse as one of continuous effort to improve. It is bright, warm, energetic and able. Sound like any horses you know? There may be something to this!

The beginning of the Year of the Horse has caused us to again reflect on the issues that continue to face these gentle spirits. The poor economic climate has resulted in many horses being surrendered due to the loss of their homes and their owners jobs. Irresponsible backyard and industrial breeders continue to produce horses for which there is no market, and who must then compete with the horses already here for available homes. Lack of education regarding horse care continues to result in lack of understanding about creatures that can now live half as long as we can with proper care.

It is our most sincere hope that the Year of the Horse will be a good one for the world’s equines. We wish for a greater sense of responsibility towards these creatures who have been so instrumental in advancing human civilization. And we hope that our friends and followers, whether or not you consider yourself to be a “horse person,” will personally adopt the challenge to perform one act of support this year for a deserving horse in need.

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