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The Need Continues

Here is yet another urgent need situation. I am copying the post in its entirety in the hope that someone in the area (Thompson, PA), is in a position to help. This horse clearly meets our criteria for urgent need, but we cannot accommodate another blind horse at the moment. If anyone out there can, you would have our heartfelt thanks for stepping up. Remember, this horse is not at our facility and she is certainly not safe. Please contact the individuals listed below.

“Please help us find a home for this horse. She needs medical help, she is blind. We have done what we can but are not equipped for a blind horse and have no room. I have already spent $200 on her for treatment. We had an Appy Mare,11yr old show up at our house the other day. We found the owner 4 miles away and the really old man was going to attempt to walk home with this mare. We offered to give he shelter until he could provide transportation for her(her feet are bad). He said he did not want her. We then offered to help him find a home for this girl and promised no meat buyers and they replied “You can eat 'em, horse is good” My husband then opted to take her to save her from what may happen. We knew at that moment she had eye problems and he said she came down with an eye cold this winter and has been having trouble seeing. I called my vet and she confirmed she is blind in one eye and has partial sight in the other. We are treating her eyes as they are infected. She said moon blindness, and that is common in older Appys, not usually so young. She believes she had an eye injury in her blind eye that was left untreated. I do not want her as I have 5 of my own and no room, I however do not want her destroyed because of her blindness, she is very sweet and other than her eyes and feet appears to be very healthy, Vet says feet will be fine after a few visits with the Farrier. Can you take home??She is not UTD on anything. She is timid and afraid but once assured she is ok. Hard for me to catch w/o seeing eye horse she has come attached to or carrots husband has np. Let’s us enter her stall no problem, picks up feet, a little reluctant but will give them can treat her eyes myself and am only 5’2″. Vet says sweet mare. She has come along way in a week and trusts us now. Was not broke to ride, does lead well. Infection is clearing with meds but needs further care and treatment. A GOOD HORSE AND NEEDS A GOOD HOME!!!570-727-2769 ask for Lisa or Bobby We have had an issue since first posting, with farrier She raised up and hoofed my Husband. Out of fear I believe. Too much to soon, strange person.. After hoofing my husband she was put in stall so we could examine him and she came over the wall of her stall and was afraid. Can not be in with the others out!!!..SHE NEEDS TO GO, I HAVE DONE ALL I CAN AND SHE WILL BE EUTHANIZED IF NOT PICKED UP BY 4/25!!!!!! I DO NOT HAVE THE $$$ OR RESOURCES TO GIVE HER WHAT SHE NEEDS. I RAISED ONLY $140 TO CARE FOR HER.I AM AT 2 WEEKS OF HAVING HER.WITH FOOD,VET CARE, MEDS, AND DAMAGES I AM IN DEBT $286+, AND MY HUSBAND INJURED.FIRST TRUCK THAT PULLS IN TAKES HER AWAY”

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