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Sweet Girl, Needs Home

We are really hoping that someone will find it in their heart to offer this girl a loving home. Pearl is about 14 15 years old and a strong, level headed girl. She is bomb proof and can and will do anything she is asked- trails, show, English and western skills, team penning, swimming and cows. She is gentle with children.

Pearl is a former rescue who nearly did not survive her previous owner. She needs and has earned a forever home. Today, her only issue is that she is losing her sight. We have many blind and low-vision horses at White Bird and know how easy they are to maintain. All they need is a safe, obstruction free enclosure and some gentle buddies. They learn to navigate beautifully and many are still easily ridable. Pearl will likely remain a safe mount if she has smooth footing, such as that found in a ring, and knows her rider.

Surely someone out there has room for this kind and gentle pony. Pearl easily meets our criterion as a horse at risk, however we do not have room to take her in. This is a courtesy listing for her owner, who ca no longer keep her and who can be reached at:

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