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Searching for the Words

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Sometimes, language is simply inadequate. We have scratched our heads and searched for exactly the right thing to say and this time, we have come up empty. The words are just not there.

Put in simplest terms, we have received a $10,000 grant from the William H. Donner Foundation. That statement sums up the fact. It does not begin to describe our gratitude for the kindness that the Foundation has shown to Appaloosas and other horses in need.

Over the past several years, the Foundation has provided feed, farrier care and medication to horses who had run out of options. Contributions have gone towards the rehabilitation and rehoming of sound riding horses, as well as the long term care of blind and aged horses. This generous donation has come at a time when the needs are great and our resources must be carefully managed. If times are hard on everyone, they are especially hard on horses, who may no longer fit in with owner downsizing efforts and have nowhere else to go.

The photo on the top shows a horse directly helped by the Donner Foundation. The photo below shows this same horse on intake. Again, we have no words. From all of our horses, we can only say “thank you” and hope that you truly understand what this means to all of us. We simply could not do this alone.

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