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Progress on the Quarantine Paddock

It was a Tiiiiiiight Squeeeeeeze!!!!

This long awaited project is finally nearing completion. Thanks to a generous donation from the ASPCA, w were provided a bigger shelter for the blind ponies and this allowed the previous run-in shed to be moved t the new quarantine paddock. Big “thank you!” also to Wilcke’s Lake Sheds, for reducing their price to fit the granted amount. The lot was cleared through the generosity of the GFAS and Petsmart Charities. Once the lot was cleared, we installed a hydrant for water, so the only remaining item is the fencing. But getting there was a challenge! First we had to move the existing shed through a 14 foot opening between the L-barn and pole barn.

The New Shed for the Blind Ponies

The next step was to bring in the new shed to the blind pony paddock. Thanks so much to all of you who are helping us to make this new quarantine area a reality!

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