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Our eBay Donors!

eBay has a feature on their web site called MissionFish that allows sellers to donate a percentage of their auction sales to charitable causes. We have been honored and humbled to be the charity designated for some of these items.

This week, we’d like to do a shout out to some of the wonderful people who are supporting us through their auction sales. The auction pictures below show several beautiful collectables being auctioned by “porcupinerose.” Not only are they spectacular, but buyers can pat themselves on the back for supporting the rescue that provides refuge for these special horses. Please see this seller’s other items- they are just lovely! Also, a big “Aloha” to “myenne” who also has several items listed to help homeless horses. We thank you so much for thinking about us! Our eBay mentions would not be complete without a special “thank you!” to “bongeecat,” a generous, long-time eBay supporter whose efforts have bought many bags o feed for our horses. We deeply appreciate the kindness of all the sellers who have helped us to care for at risk horses.

Rescuing horses is an enormous undertaking that involves the ideas, talents and hard work of many people. We only wish that everyone were able to see these horses thrive because of the compassion and support you have provided.

If your are an eBay buyer and, like me, find on-line shopping to be an innovation at least as important as the electric light, please take a good look at these items. Wouldn’t they look great in your house? Please bid generously, as your purchase will go to help their living, breathing counterparts.

Below are the links to some of these items. Please make sure that you view all of the listings from these sellers, as we may have missed some.

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