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Opportunity to Help Others (OTHers) Month

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has proclaimed December “Opportunity to Help Others” (OTHers) month in Virginia. OTHers month recognizes the ongoing need for support of the charitable organizations in the state that help others. We think this is a splendid idea! We’d like to encourage everyone to take a little time during the holidays to do a good deed for their favorite charity. Of course, our favorite charity is White Bird, so if you don’t have a favorite charity, we’d like to recommend us! We can primarily use volunteer help and donations, but we can use other things, too.

For example, our awesome friend Steffie has generously offered us a whopping 25% donation for any jewelry sales that come through her web site that mentions White Bird by name. So what better way to do your holiday shopping for your loved ones, or uh… you, while making a contribution to White Bird? Steffie’s jewelry can be found at: The selection of high quality, beautiful jewelry just astounding and there is something for everyone.

Fancy (above photo), is an early teens Appy mare who is sound, ridable and just looking for the right person. She has a strong personality, but settles down quickly with someone she can trust. Fancy moves like an absolute dream. She is still looking for her special person. Her ideal best friend will be a confidant one who will want to do things with her on a frequent basis.

Chance, (below) is also still looking for his perfect home. Chance loves everyone, both equine and human wants a job and as you can see, really likes to jump! He is seeking a home where he can do lots and lots o things with people.

These two horses would love to be home for the holidays! Might it be yours?

Another way to help us out while taking care of that Christmas list is by visiting our much appreciated eBay sellers. Please take a look at these wonderful items that would also make great gifts.

A big thanks to Kate and Rolland, who drove out all the way from MD and Woodstock to volunteer for the weekend!

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