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Nice Guy, Needs Help (Frazier Park, CA)

This sweet guy really needs a hand. His current caretaker rescued him and has cared for him since last year. While her efforts to support him have been truly heroic, she cannot afford to continue caring for him. Over the years, we have seen a lot of horses like this. They may not have much market value, but they ask very little of us. All most of them need is food and shelter and some compassionate friends. In return, we have found them to be among the most immensely rewarding of our charges. Apache is blind and 31 yo. He has some minor issues typical of horses his age. He is also loving, gentle and easy to handle. Seriously, that face tells you everything you really need to know. We would take him, but he is too far away, and his situation has become urgent. Will someone in CA, or within driving distance please consider taking him in? His caretaker can be reached at: (661) 429-0428, or

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