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Need Homes Now!

These horses need to find homes immediately. Their owner cannot care for them and as pasture is lost du to the impending cold weather, they will not have enough to eat or anyone to care for them. They are are unhandled, but are not wild or feral and will not be difficult to train. They are young, sound and have no known medical conditions. They are respectful of people, with no kick or bite, but they are a little timid and will need a period of gentling. They need homes familiar with unhandled horses or trainers with this experience. Rescues are (very) welcome, also. All are being surrendered to White Bird and are located in Virginia, so if you can offer any of them a home, please contact the rescue directly at: whitebirdapps@gmail. com. Time is becoming critical with these horses, so please don’t wait and please share this information with anyone who might be able to provide a home.

Lacey is a brightly colored Appy mare. We aren’t even sure what to call this, she is just cool looking. She is about 14.1 hands and a sturdy girl, suitable for an adult rider. We believe she is 12 years old. As you can see, she is a little timid, but is not wild. It is possible that she has been exposed to a stallion an her adopter will need to consider that possibility, though at this time, we do not believe her to be bred. She would make a really jazzy riding horse. Personally, I’d like to see her tacked up with some rhinestony bling.

Orion is a black Appy cross gelding with a white blaze and two white socks. He is about 5-6 yo. He is about 14.2hh. Orion likes to jump! He will jump fences by himself, just for entertainment, and he has the substance and athleticism to do this on a more professional level. Orion is a little timid, but has a naturally calm, curious personality and will be easy to train. I could definitely see him in competition with either a child or adult rider. In this photo, you can see that he needs a better diet and deworming, but those things are easy to fix.

Silver Tail is a 5 yo, dark blue roan Appy about 14.2hh tall. I think this is my favorite Appy color and I’ve also heard this referred to as “blueberry.” As you can see in this photo, he can us a little dietary assistance and TLC. But you can also see what a pretty boy he is. Silver Tail is shy and likes to hide behind Orion. But we believe he will come around very quickly with a patient handler. He is gentle and respectful.

Peanut is a good-looking 12 yo bay gelding with a lot of potential. He is about 14.2hh and looks like a well put-together Quarter/Welsh cross, though he is actually an Appaloosa cross. He has good bone, is very athletic and looks like a little hunter prospect to us! Peanut was gelded late, so may have some lingering stallion characteristics, though he seems to have cooled off pretty well. In the field, he will come right up to you, so he shouldn’t take long to train.

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