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Need a Little Help Here, Please! North Carolina

This little mare is in need of a nurturing home that can help her recover from her recent brush with starvation. Her owner reclaimed her after learning of her condition (thank you!), but is now in need of assistance, herself, as she cannot afford to fully rehabilitate this girl. Here’s what we know about her:

She is estimated to be between 6 and 8 years old. Since the owner has reclaimed her, she has gained some weight, though not much. This is to be expected in a careful refeeding regimen, though clearly she has some distance to go. Her training level is unknown, though she does lead well and can be handled easily. She loads and trailers well. The owner’s young children can catch her and lead her around. Out in the pasture she mostly keeps to herself, but will defend herself. She can be pushy at feeding time (not uncommon for malnourished horses). She does load and trailer well.

She developed laminitis approximately one month ago and also blew an abscess at this time. The vet feels that she is probably still ridable, though a potential adopter will want to x-ray her to determine whether she has rotated and how much. She may or may not need corrective shoeing.

One more thing: She is possibly preggers. She last foaled in 2013 and has been turned out with a stallion. The attending vet could not determine whether she is in foal without an ultrasound, but her new home will want to consider that possibility and adjust her diet accordingly (no fescue hay!). She is now up-to-date on her Coggins and her owner will provide all medical records to her new home.

This mare has been through a lot. She’s really very cute and seems to have a pleasant personality. She’s my personal favorite color in Appaloosas. Honest! She’d make someone a nice little horse. So how about it?

Update! This young lady has found a home!

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