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Kiss My Brass

White Bird specializes in the rescue of Appaloosas, but we will not turn away horses of other breeds jus because they lack spots. Horses posted to the site must simply meet our definition of urgent need. Today’s courtesy listing is “Kiss of Brass”, a dark bay registered thoroughbred mare, foaled March 28, 2005 out of Bit of Brass, by Polish Miner.

The following is the owner’s description of the mare

“I have had Brass for two years. She was showing great potential as an excellent show/lesson horse. She was doing training level dressage, jumping a two foot course nicely, hunter shows and trail rides. She was being ridden by a 16 year old boy. She was his 4-H project, he had planned on taking her to the State Horse Show, and eventually taking her to college with him. She has a sweet personality, beautiful conformation, and a very trainable mind. She also is a cribber, and needs to wear a cribbing strap. She is seven years old. Last week, Brass was turned out in the evening, and sometime during the night, she over extended her right front leg and now has an avulsion fracture on her 4th Carpal bone. She needs surgery (approx. cost $2000-$3000) to be riding sound again. 50% – 75% chance of athletic recovery, 80% chance of pleasure soundness with surgery. Without surgery and a hard cast, she will heal, but not be rideable. I can not afford the surgery, and if I can not find a home for her by July 15,2012, I will have to put her down. It breaks my heart, but I will have no other choice. If anyone is interested in her as a broodmare, she did well when she raced and has good bloodlines. Please help. The owner can be contacted at:

Update from the owners on 7/1/12: “Brass is going to greener meadows, where she can run as the race horse she was bred to be, and please say a pray around 9:30 AM for her, me and Tom.” Sincerest condolences from all of us at White Bird.

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