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My name is “Wonder”, and I was given this name by the awesome Meredith Barlow, who helped bring me to the rescue. I am about 14.2hh and the prettiest color you’ve ever seen. I am a sweet guy who is rock steady and suitable for a beginner. I like attention and I’m a generally undemanding sort of guy.

I have Cushing’s disease, which requires my new BFF to manage my diet carefully and to give me pergolide every day (about $15 a month). I have uveitis, which will cause my eyes to become inflamed, but my flare-ups have been easily controlled with daily aspirin powder and my vision is just fine. I also, like many horses my age (mid-teens) have a little stiffness in my stifle. Hey, none of us is getting any younger! But I am great little horse for a gentle rider and would make a super best friend for an older, returning rider who isn’t headed for the Olympics. Is my BFF out there anywhere? If so, please contact my friends at White Bird and tell them why I would love to go home with you.


PS: Thanks to my friend Allison for showing you how nice I look under saddle!

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