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“I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.” ~Gilda Radner

What a beautiful day! You can now just see the buds on the trees and the daffodils are in full bloom. Our horses are basking in these balmy temperatures. At least they are when they are not trying to

get rid of the scratchy winter coats. They began shedding those out about 3 weeks ago, and right now, they are at the peak of their itchiness. Every item of clothing we have now prominently features horse hair.

Above, Tillie has wisely opted for a trip to the White Bird style salon for some grooming and hair removal assistance. She is hoping that her spruced up look will convince someone that she is just the kind of horse they need. Tillie is in her mid to late teens. She is a gentle Quarter horse with just enough of an opinion to make her interesting. In some groups, she can be dominant, but most of the time, she is content to remain somewhere in the middle. She is a pleasant, good-natured girl whose only issue is that she can be a little pushy. For this reason, we’ve decided that she is suitable for a confident beginner, but not one who will allow her to be the boss. Tillie dislikes being stalled, so we prefer that she go to a home that has adequate shelter and continuous turnout. We think her best job is that of a companion pony, for someone who just wants to take their friend out trail riding once in awhile. She is a low energy horse who’d be perfectly happy letting someone else come in first. If she sounds like your kind of girl, will you give us a call?

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