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Happy November!

Jorg and Tom Mayfield with Kelly Heckman of GFAS

What a wonderful day for an Open House! Yesterday, we met with friends, old and new, for a day of food, friendship and festivity. We provided tours of the barns and introductions to the horses- both longtime Whit Bird residents and this year’s Sparky Project horses. We also welcomed GFAS Executive Director Kellie Heckman to White Bird, who awarded us the 2014 Carole Noon Award for Sanctuary Excellence, in part for the Sparky Project.

We are not a large organization. Statistically, we are about average. So we are very grateful to the GFAS for recognizing that small, community organizations are working hard every day to improve the lives of horses. We also believe this award belongs to every rescuer, transporter or organization who jumped in to work side-by-side for long hours and in difficult conditions, toward the accomplishment of a common goal- to rescue these horses. No egos, just focus and compassion. We are pleased to have received this award. But even more, we are deeply proud to be a member of this community of equine rescuers.

JoAnne Miller of Brook Hill Farm Sanctuary and Sparky Transporter Chris Clendenin

This has been a busy period for White Bird! We built two new paddocks and added a shelter to help us better manage our population of horses still in training. Many thanks to the ASPCA, who also helped us geld all the boys!

Veterinarian Alex Cantelmo and Sparky Trainer Theresa Roark
Cherokee and Sterling Make New Friends
New Paddocks and Shelter

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