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Eagle Scout Project No.1

Congratulations to Rob Halliday of Troop 2880 in Richmond on becoming an Eagle Scout! We have had the pleasure of the support of scouts and parents from Troop 2880 for several years, and we were pleased to be selected for Rob’s Eagle Scout project. Due to a generous donation of stall fronts, and hardware by the Woodwards (thank you!), Rob and his team took on the task of producing a set of emergency/quarantine stalls at one end of our large pole barn. Over three weekends, the scouts, leaders and adult helpers from the troop set about clearing, marking out and constructing one double size stall and one 12×10 stall. These will be kept in reserve for more serious weather conditions, for emergencies where a safe place is required after disasters, for times when a horse must lay up but would benefit from extra room to move around, and for animal control cases. Views of the stalls are shown above. Well done Rob and Troop 2880! We appreciate your support.

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