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Berry Update

Back in February, through the efforts of several people, not the least of which was the awesome Sam, we received a malnourished pony that we named Berry. Berry went to live with new foster mom Hope because she needed quite a bit of TLC. Berry was determined to be about 22 years old and slightly arthritic, but mostly just in need of some groceries.

The picture below was taken today. What a difference three months makes! Hope has done a fantastic job in putting weight back on this little pony and has done it carefully. As a result, she has good tone and her feet remain in great condition. Well done, Hope! What an awesome foster mom you are!

Berry will still need to learn to like people again, as presently she is still not very trusting. This will take time But she certainly does feel better.

In other news: We finally cut the hay on the rescue farm! We dodged the showers and are holding our collective breath that it will remain dry long enough to cure and bale it. So far, so good. We hope to have it all in the barn by Sunday. Then, we will move along to Amelia, where we have approximately ten acres of donated standing orchard grass waiting for us, due to the kindness of Jay R. This is awesome Jay and we deeply appreciate your support.

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