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Auld Lang Syne

“And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.” – Robert Burns

In the recent past, we have written several posts about resident geezer Mr. Bowersox. We hope you’ll indulge us by allowing us one more. “Mr. B.” is the 40+ year-old blind pony who was rescued in Montana, after being dumped at an auction by his owner when no one offered up his $5.00 opening bid. The wonderful people who took him home also had him shipped all the way across the country, so that he would have a safe haven for life. He arrived nearly a year ago, and immediately became the BFF of our little blind mare Allison, who had bonded with no one else.

Yesterday, we were pleased and honored to finally meet in person the wonderful couple who rescued Mr. B from a very uncertain future. Jeff and Virginia H. were in Virginia this week and included a visit to the Rescue in their itinerary. Mostly, they came to say “hello” to an old friend. This reunion was emotional for all us. There is no adequate way to thank these people for their compassion in saving this comical old guy, who has endeared himself to everyone who has met him. If there actually was one, it might have come from the look on Mr. B’s face when his friends showed up. As for us, we are grateful to Jeff and Virginia for allowing us the opportunity to provide a safe and dignified home for him in his remaining years, and glad we could finally say this in person.

Some days, life is just good.

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