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And Berry.. uh…stays home!

Berry on Arrival

It’s always a source of celebration to us when a rescued horse finds his or her forever home. It is often the culmination of the efforts of many people, and these include those who first spotted a horse in urgent need, the transporters, the volunteers, the fosters and the donors who graciously provide us with the support to do what we do. Behind every rescued horse is a team of kindhearted people who roll up their sleeves and get to work. And they get results.

Earlier this year, we were alerted to the plight of this little mare by our friends over at Traveller’s Rest. A that time, Hope (top left in photo) stepped in to offer foster care, and ace Transporter Samantha made the trip out to pick her up. Berry was thin, stiff, and depressed. She had a low regard for people and was so anxious over feed that her anxiety had become aggression (this is not uncommon in starve horses).

Berry Today

Today, Berry is a different pony! Her once raggedy coat is smooth and soft, her worm belly has disappeared, she is at a healthy weight and she has lost much of her original wariness with people. And this week, her foster mom Hope, who has provided her with meticulous care over the past few months, decided to make her a permanent member of the family and adopted her. We thank everyone who made this happen and we wish both Hope and Berry a happy, healthy life together!

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