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26 Acts of Kindness

Today, we at White Bird will join the nation in a moment of silence to honor the victims of the shootings at the Newtown Elementary School. It is telling, however, that even during our darkest moments, there is good to be found among those who would rather fight back than resign themselves in despair. We are talking about the “26 Acts of Kindness” movement that began as #26Acts on Twitter and is gaining momentum across the country. It suggests simply that everyone carry out acts of kindness for anyone, anywhere, in honor of the victims of this tragedy. We can not think of a more fitting tribute to the loss of innocent lives.

So today, we invite our friends, supporters and followers to commit 26 acts of kindness. One option to consider is contributing to the support of homeless horses, who are also innocents, either at White Bird, or at the equine rescue of your choice. But if you have different ideas, that’s still great and the world will be a better place because you have acted. None of us can undo the tragedy of this past week, but we can still fight back against evil through random acts of kindness. Thank you for your willingness to do so.

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