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2012 Southern Piedmont Equine Conference

Saturday’s Equine Conference, sponsored by the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council, was held Saturday in Blackstone, VA. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to tune up our knowledge of equine health, nutrition and pasture- or miss a chance to help educate equine owners and friends about rescued horses, we were there to meet and greet. We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

The conference included talks and exhibitions by Chris Teutsch, Associate Professor and Forage Specialist at Virginia Tech, Scott Purdum of Advantage Horsemanship, Marty Adams of Southern States, Theresa McManus of Keymon Farms, Deborah Crane of Equine Sports Therapies and local Veterinarian, Brandy Phelps of Hoofbeats Equine Services.

The presentations were very informative and we enjoyed the good company and beautiful weather, as well as the great lunch supplied by the Buffalo Creek Pony Club. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our boot to say “hello”, offer donations, or sign up as volunteers. Also, special “thanks” to the ever-awesome Julia for helping to keep things running at the rescue while we were gone and to “booth babes” Allison, Travis and Littlest Volunteer Anthony!

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