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Rescue Shelter Holiday Challenge

This is Blitzen after rehab. Before she left for home Laura had him working for 40 minutes each day. It is one of the real pleasures in rescue to see an emaciated and depressed horse turn back into a happy and contented riding partner. To do this we need volunteers, but we also need funds. This year donations are again down. We know that many of you who surf this site make a contribution, and we thank you and all those family, friends and strangers who have made donations. Now there is another way you can help that won’t cost you anything other than a bit of time. Just go to the link below:

Vote for White Bird and we might win a prize. We are 5,500th on the listing at the moment, but it wouldn’t take much if everyone who logs on to this site voted every day, and spread the word to their friends. It only takes a minute and is free, you don’t have to register or sign up for anything, or even give your email address.

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