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News of the Week

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Tom Narrates for the Video While Fancy Listens Intently!

Yes, that’s kind of a pun, since the big news this week was the fact that the wonderful folks at the Times-Dispatch came out to visit White Bird. Holly and Mark were given the rescue grand tour and met many of our residents up close and personal. We understand that we will be featured in the “Flair” section of the weekend edition on May 20th. We are pleased to have this opportunity to talk about what we do and would like to give a big shout out to the Times-Dispatch, and to Heather for coordinating this interview.

In other news, Mr. Bowersox was kindly nominated by Jeff Hudson for his company’s Best Pet award which also offered a cash prize to the winner. While Mr. B didn’t win (and we just don’t understand that), he was awarded a ribbon for his participation in the contest. We still think he’s pretty special and really appreciate Jeff thinking about him. And Mr. B needed some cheering up. He had just suffered his first case of “choke” meaning that he is now being placed on the internationally famous White Bird gourmet soup diet. Despite his advanced age, Mr. B’s teeth are actually in better shape than most of our senior residents and this is the first time we have had this problem with him. But since horses that choke are likely to do so again, we will be making this permanent change to his menu.

Gratuitous Spring Picture of Ulysses and Norman

This weekend we will hold the annual event known as the Cushing’s Clip-a-thon. The festivities include the yearly ritual of helping the Cushing’s Club (who cannot shed out by themselves) stay cool by giving them the stylish Cushing’s Comfort Clip. This clip is unlike the more traditional Hunter Clip in that it is an artful exercise in studied casual. Nah. I just made that up. It’s actually just flat ugly. But this year, the White Bird Style Salon will be manned by members of our local 4H who may actually have some styling prowess. More to come!

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