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More Volunteers

After three weeks at the Rescue, Blitzen is starting to fill out. His initial weight, recorded by the attending vet on April 4th, was 720 lbs. When we taped him over the weekend he was 893 lbs. This is still very thin for a horse of his size and bone, but he has come a long way already. He has lost his wormy coat and is now a shiny, deep bay color. This evening he really strutted his stuff as he objected to not being the first to be brought in. He certainly has the Arab floating trot with tail lifted proudly, and he was not pleased at being left while Tom put the blind horses up.

On July 1st our furthest flung volunteer will be arriving at the rescue. Laura is coming over from the UK for month to help with the horses, and we are much appreciative of her 3,000 mile commute. Volunteers are the bedrock of the rescue. Without them we could not take in as many horses or give them as much attention. From mucking out stalls and cleaning buckets, clipping the Cushings horses, test riding for future adopters, to keeping our rescue machinery going, or simply being a companion to an individual horse, volunteers can come in all shapes and sizes, ages and sexes. We can never thank them enough.

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