Venom Needs to Find a Home – Has Found a Home


This young man needs to find a home as soon as possible.  Situated in the LA area, his rescuers will transport him to a forever home.  Please contact Abbey directly at the contact email below.  Some details:

This poor guy was in an emaciated condition when rescued.  The vet estimates him at 2.5 years old and he is 13.3 hands.  He was gelded once his weight came up, and he is up for his shots at the end of May, which will be done.  He was initially very scared of humans, but he does halter and you can pet him.  That’s about it.  He does spook easily and needs more training.  He is still pretty skittish.  When he gets scared, he moves away quickly, but is not mean.  He does meet you at the gate to be petted and really loves the attention.  If someone has time to spend with him, he would come around quickly.  Since the picture was taken he has shed out a little bit, and is more gray.

Contact:  Abbey at

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  • Stephen Gray

    I am really interested in “VENOM” ! My 15 yr. old daughter loves Appaloosa’s and would love a lil’ guy like this ! I have adopted BLM mustangs before & have rescued a few horses before as well as a mustang that I have now who was abused by her previous owners & has been with me now for about 15 yrs. ! She is now 25 yrs. old and will live out her life with me. My email address is !

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