Urgent Mom-to-Be

Today, we have a mare in extremely urgent need and we need help in finding her a new home.

This special girl is an  “Honorary Appaloosa,” a breed designation that we award to a horse who merits attention on this site because he or she is (a) in dire straits, and (b) a nice horse deserving of the kindness of strangers. This girl is in deep trouble if help can’t be found for her. We are posting this on behalf of our good friends at Western Montana Equine Rescue, who are racing against the clock to get this mare to safety.  We are hoping that our western followers  will help out by either stepping up for her, or will share this information with someone who can.

Cameo Paints in Billings, Montana is having a dispersal sale and they don’t think anyone will want this girl. She is an eighteen-year old registered paint who is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. The rescue reports that she seems very sweet and is possibly 4 months pregnant.  A young girl haltered her and picked up her feet, so she is a nice mare who is easy to handle. She was in with a bunch of other horses. The owners are trying to find her a home so they don’t have to take her to the auction. We do not think she will fare well there. If you know of anyone interested please have them call Tracy at 406-697-3520.

Paint1- JeffPaint2- Jeff







4 comments to Urgent Mom-to-Be

  • Betsy Miles

    What can I do to help her? Please let me know. Being so far away if there is somewhere closer that needs money to transport I am willing to help,

  • Okay, folks! We have one person willing to help out with transportation. Does anyone have room for this girl? She seems sweet, and that foal is probably going to be a registerable Paint.

  • lynn taylor

    I would take her in a heart beat! I’m in VA though…I wish I was closer….She would really add some love to my life!

  • Seriously? If you are a good home, you’d be surprised how many people would help with this. Do you have any horses now? If you have references and we were able to recommend you, possibly we could find help to get her moved. We have already had one person step up to help with transport (the awesome Betsy!). We know the original poster of this request in Montana and he is a determined individual.

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